About Us

West End Table Craft is the culmination of a lifetime passion for Steve Holna who was introduced to timber cutting at the tender age of 24 years old while living in the Tweed Valley. Steve’s mentor and best friend Jack Murnane (a Cedar Cutter from Clarence) initially bought a chainsaw for firewood and it wasn’t long before they felled Steve’s first Camphor Laurel tree. From the moment Steve smelt the Camphor Laurel aroma he was hooked.

Australian Hardwood Bench setSteve helped the local sawmiller turn the tree into workable timber which further fuelled his passion for wood and some 30 years later, he still uses some of the timber from that first Camphor Laurel tree. Initially, the timber became gifts to friends and watching the pleasure his work gave others inspired him to hone his skill and develop his craft.

Even after moving to Brisbane, weekends were spent looking through the Tweed for timber, whether it was old felled trees or scouring through sawmills and markets for beautiful timber slabs to turn into furniture. Steve’s workshop started under his old Queenslander home as he spent every spare moment creating beautiful furniture … until the children arrived. Steve was forced out of the house and the workshop was renovated into the childrens bedrooms. 

The new additions and a forced move, lead Steve to the perfect environment to develop and grow West End Table Craft into something beyond an after-hours passion. WIth premises based in South Brisbane, logs destined for mulch are recycled, milled into slabs, then air dried between 3 to 5 years. The timber is then dressed and stacked for another twelve months before Steve starts to work on his pieces of art as no two furniture pieces are ever exctly the same.

West End Table Craft is now based in Ferry Road, West End and pieces are on display every Sunday at the Eagle Farm Markets. Steve’s lifetime passion for beautiful quality workmanship has resulted in handcrafted, unique, solid timber furniture that Queenslanders have come to love.